An Honest Introduction

Fuelled by Passion,
Driven by Tenacity,
We make Events Appealing.

One of the key factors towards Mass Adoption of any ideas is how we tell a story - A story that depicts the benefits and how the product/solution could connect with the end-user. EventX can help your business in connecting with your audiences and potentially breed a loyal fanbase to your idea.

We ain't Perfect, but We are definitely one of the best in our crafts

Originally started out as one of the first digital marketing agencies in Singapore at 57 Mohamed Sultan Road in 2012, the 2 co-founders of EventX were innovators in their own rights. Charlie is an all-natural business-minded individual, while the self-taught IT programmer Alaric is passionate about new technologies and arts. In 2016, both of them were introduced to Ethereum, one of the leading blockchain projects of that time. What started off as an investment opportunity for both, have ignited their passion in the novel technology that has since stormed the world with the creation of numerous 'crypto millionaires' around the world.

Over the past decade, Multinational Corporations and Governments around the world are gaining better insights on the Blockchain technology and its underlying cryptocurrencies. The potential use-cases utilising the technology has resulted in many looking into launching their own blockchain projects to improve the current technological infrastructure that the world economy is depending on today. Encouraging as it seems, there is a persisting problem throughout the entire blockchain ecosystem (No, we're not referring to the issue where everyone is having issues working together) - that is educating the wider ecosystem on How this new technology can benefit their businesses, and even way of living. EventX is not just an agency that is out to organize events or build your next website. Take them like your working partner, where they work closely to identify ways to "make sense" to your intended audiences, and the general public.


EventX aims to become the first full-service event management agency in the region that deploy effective and creative methods to better deliver your message to your intended audiences.

The X Squad


The Architect

He is the "Creative Dude" in the team and the main person that designs, programs, and plans on the next step of how EventX will be heading next. Outside of work, the once diehard raver and electronic music fan is now very much into Synthwave. Basically he is Synthwave. And Synthwave is Him.


The Planner

Probably the most Business savvy guy in the team, he is monumental in shaping the business operations and management. he is often found utilising for his wits and ensures that he set the 'Standards' bar even higher for EventX after every completed project. But no, he ain't no messiah.


The Matriach

One thing that she loves to do (apart from online shopping and napping) for EventX is to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Although some say that outspoken people are not attentive to details, she is definitely an exception. And yea, she is a hidden-otaku by the way, despite her happy demeanour and personality.


The Prophet

He is a car enthusiast and is known to be well-versed with the ins and outs of cars in general. Naturally, he can capture anything in motion with breathtaking results. The fam is proud to have a creative genius like him on board EventX, so that they have one less thing to worry about.